Motor Industry Recruitment

The motor industry may suffer from an image problem when it when it comes to attracting new talent. How this is addressed over the coming years could be vital to the success of some dealers. The Pandemic has not helped with training for new apprentices with many training courses being cancelled or deferred, in some […]

The Interview

The Interview The focus of any good interview is to recruit a candidate with the necessary experience, knowledge and skill set to make a success of the role following appointment. Getting the right candidate can however be difficult, so its important to structure your interview correctly and ask the right questions. Your questions should be […]

Candidate Attraction

Time spent on hiring the right person is time well spent!  “Candidate attraction” refers to the tools and techniques used to attract potential applicants to fill a vacancy.  The question many of my clients ask is “How do I find the right candidates to fulfil my vacancies and what mechanisms should I put into place […]

Why Are Work & Character References So Important?

Why Are Work & Character References So Important

When your looking for a new job many of the companies that you may approach will need you to fill in an application form which has been a standard practise for many years. When filling in the application form they will ask a bit more about your schooling and working history and may ask you […]

What Is A Recruitment Consultant

What Is a recruitment Consultant UK

Finding a job in todays climate isn’t very easy and with so many people applying for each role that comes up it means the competition is fierce so giving yourself an edge may be exactly what you need. A recruitment consultant will help you present yourself correctly from the beginning to the end of the […]

Preparing For A Job Interview

Preparing For A Job Interview

Its absolutely nerve shattering but preparing for a job interview actually stands you in good steed against those that don’t. When attending a new job interview the very first thing that happens between you and the interviewer is recognising your appearance. Making an effort and making sure you look great will give a good first […]